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Destin Beach Family Photographs | Shreveport Louisiana Family Reunion Portraits | July 2016

A Family Reunion on Destin Beach Anyone? How about during the 4th of July Weekend? I would say absolutely Heck Yes to both! Destin is the most perfect location to have a great time! Especially During the 4th of July!
Fair warning though, make plans early! Like super early in advance. It is Crazy fun and Totally Worth it. If you have ever been to Destin Florida on the evening of the 4th of July at precisely 9pm, You know what Im talking about.
If not, trust me.. go… Get any spot on the beach near the Harbor early on the morning of, You will thank me later (when Im making your portraits).

The sweet cousins of the Barnes and Coleman family made those plans this past summer and all twenty-seven of them enjoyed it to the fullest. I have to say I was a bit nervous for the session, as I always am going out to any shoot. I thought it would be my greatest challenge in the very little time we had together that evening. Let me just say…Ugh… I was wrong. So very wrong. Every single one of these individuals displayed a fun and energetic attitude with the willingness and desire for memorable photographs. They made it so incredibly easy for me and It was exactly the recipe for success on this evening! I was super jazzed at the results and they all were as well! These are just some of my favorites from our session. Thank you to Mrs. Barnes for asking me to help with this special occasion for her family.

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